Former Afghan interpreter: Trudeau will have “blood on his hands” if families get executed 

Maryam Sahar, a former Afghan interpreter, did not spare Canada’s prime minister for not doing enough for endangered Afghans. 

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Sahar addressed Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau on CTV’s Power Play: “If my family gets executed, or any other family gets executed, know that you have the blood on your hands”

Following the retreat of remaining U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, the Taliban, a radical Islamic terrorist organization, swept through the country, conquering state capitals within days. 

On Sunday, August 15, as Afghanistan’s capital Kabul was falling in the hands of the Taliban, the prime minister was at Rideau Hall requesting a dissolution of the parliament and a new election. 

As Trudeau addressed the press, Canadians in Kabul as well as interpreters who helped Canadian forces for years were left stranded and endangered. 

While the prime minister is campaigning, hundreds of interpreters and their families are still stranded in Kabul. 

Since the Taliban has taken control of the country, “Afghans are being hanged. Tortured. Taken hostage. Sold as sex slaves and child brides. Abducted as child soldiers”, Kabul journalist Yalda Sarwar wrote. 

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