France announces second lockdown

As cases rise in France, President Emmanuel Macron announced today that the country will be back under lockdown until at least December 1st.

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All non-essential stores will be closed. Restaurants, bars, fitness centres, etc. which were subjected to a curfew will now be entirely closed.

“Attestations” (certificates) will be required for any travel between regions and will only be allowed for rare and essential reasons. ‘Attestations’ will also be required to drive children to school and to go to a medical apoitment.

Citizens will be allowed to go for walks at a maximum distance of 1 kilometre from their residence and for a maximum period of one hour.

Contrary to the lockdown during the spring, most schools will remain open.

The WHO has recently changed course and condemned lockdowns, arguing that lockdowns tend to cause more harm than good and should only be used as a last recourse to allow the health system and its resources to reorganize.

Thousands of scientists also recently came out against lockdowns and in favour of a herd immunity strategy to fight the virus.

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