FREDO COVER-UP: CNN’s Chris Cuomo show suspended indefinitely for allegedly covering-up brother’s sexual scandals

CNN is suspending Chris Cuomo’s evening show after new details in his brother’s alleged sexual harassment scandal.


CNN is putting an end to one of its popular TV shows after new allegations in Andrew Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment scandal.

New details suggest that former N.Y. Governor’s brother, the CNN evening show host Chris Cuomo, helped his brother cover-up allegations of sexual harassment. 

The documents were released by the New York attorney general on Monday and layout Chris Cuomo’s involvement. 

Chris Cuomo has repeatedly said he did not interfere with the sexual allegations against his brother or attempt to cover up the scandal. The newly released documents prove otherwise. 

Despite CNN’s failing rankings, Cuomo’s show is often the network’s most-watched program. 

“As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation”, CNN wrote on Tuesday night. 

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