Freeland pledges more taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine, despite inflation and economic uncertainty domestically

Despite the uncertainty and economic hardships, Trudeau’s liberal government is pledging more aid to Ukraine.

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Despite the market meltdown, unprecedented public debt, historical inflation levels and economic uncertainty, the Trudeau Liberal government is pledging more taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine. 

To date, the Trudeau Liberal government has given $3.12 billion in taxpayer-funded aid to Ukraine with little to no mechanisms to ensure the funds are properly allocated. 

“We know that is really important,” Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Thursday, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter.  “We are going to continue with that support. We are going to continue with military support to Ukraine.”

“It’s only Ukrainians who are fighting and dying,” Freeland added. “So I am really humbled when it comes to how much we should all respect Ukraine and recognize their extreme courage and their extreme sacrifice. Canada is supporting Ukraine with financial assistance.”

“I speak to Ukrainian government leaders very regularly,” she said. “There is rarely a day when I don’t speak to a Ukrainian cabinet minister in Ukraine. That includes conversations I’ve had on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

“Ukraine is fighting for its sovereignty and for its democracy but Ukraine is also fighting for democracy around the world,” Freeland added.

Concerns are rising about ongoing financial support to Ukraine and the degree of accountability of government officials. Experts also believe that ongoing financial aid may prevent Ukraine from negotiating a peace treaty and ending the conflict, which is having serious repercussions on the global economy. 

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Trudeau government has not made any effort to facilitate negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

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