Gas shortage hits the UK as fuel pumps run dry, government preparing to use Army truck drivers

The United Kingdom is facing chaos as gas stations run dry.


In the last few days, long lines have been observed at numerous UK ‘petrol’ stations, and the gas pumps have run dry in numerous stations across the country, especially in London.

The gas shortage is largely blamed on a shortage of heavy goods drivers. In the last several months, the pandemic has kept younger drivers from obtaining their licenses and certifications. 

Current drivers are aging and the workforce has been going down over the last few years. 

Transportation agencies have had to increase the wages of their drivers, generating an increase in transportation costs amidst the labour shortage. 

In the last few days, rumours spread that the truck driver shortage had become so bad that the country would soon run out of basic goods, including food and gas. 

This concern led to thousands heading to the gas station in the hope of stocking up for any possible shortage. 

In what some would call a self-fulfilled prophecy, the influx of concerned motorists trying to stock up led to a shortage of gas around the country. 

Long lines at petrol stations were observed in every part of the UK, with the worst of the shortage concentrated in London. 

Incidents of violence were reported as anxious motorists waited in line to stock up.

The government has announced it will be putting on standby 150 army truck drivers to operate gas tankers and deliver the supply to the pumps.

Experts say the UK could be in for a full energy crisis as the price of natural gas has also soared. The country is expecting a cold and harsh winter, shooting up the price of natural gas and questioning whether the supply at hand will suffice. 

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