German Economy Minister expects the EU to place an oil embargo on Russia “within days”

On Monday, May 23, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said that the EU’s embargo on Russian energy inputs is expected to be agreed upon “within days”.

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At the end of April, it was reported that German officials were ready to lift their opposition to an embargo on Russian oil.

One of the primary opponents to sanctions on Russian oil had initially been Germany due to their immense dependence on Russia for energy supplies, however, German representatives to EU institutions are lifting the country’s objection to a total Russian oil embargo, the WSJ reported

In March, Economy Minister for Germany Robert Habeck said he opposed an embargo on Russian imports of fossil fuels, stating that “We need these energy supplies to maintain the price stability and energy security in Germany,”.

After meeting with German business leaders, Habeck said, “I would not advocate an embargo on Russian imports of fossil fuels. I would even oppose it,”.

He also warned at the time that an embargo on Russian oil could threaten social cohesion in Germany.

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