Government inquiry into freedom convoy costs taxpayers $19 million

A government inquiry into the freedom convoy is set to cost nearly $19 million to taxpayers.

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The Public Order Emergency Commission set to inquire about the Trudeau government’s use of emergency powers during the freedom convoy will cost Canadian taxpayers nearly $19 million. 

“The Commission has requested up to $18.8 million in funding”, the Privy Council Office wrote as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter

There are eighteen lawyers on staff for the commission. 

“The funding will support key activities including the investigation and public hearings which will have numerous requirements, i.e. legal services”, the Privy Council added.

“The inquiry must submit its final report to the government with findings and recommendations by February 6, 2023 […] This means the Commission will have to complete its hearings and fact-finding process by the end of October.”

On February 14, 2022, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, the predecessor to the War Measures Act. 

Trudeau and his cabinet were facing protests due to its COVID measures and mandates that were affecting truckers and workers in other industries. 

Instead of dealing with the peaceful protestors and listening to their valid points, Trudeau called them a “fringe minority” holding ‘unacceptable views’. 

After invoking the Emergencies Act, the Ottawa Police intervened violently to end the peaceful protest. 

Critics have questioned the validity of the government inquiry into the freedom convoy, saying the inquiry will be biased due to the Liberals and NDP’s new alliance.

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