Green Party leader thanked Liberal Minister for “being so good” at his job days after the Emergencies Act was invoked to quell the Freedom Convoy protest

In an email obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, the leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May is thanking Liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino for “being so good” at his job just days after the Liberal government invoked the Emergencies Act.

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The email obtained by Blacklock’s shows an exchange between Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino. 

The email exchange is dated February 21, 2022, which is the same day that Trudeau’s cabinet asked the House of Commons to confirm its use of the Emergencies Act to quell the Freedom Convoy protest, which the cabinet invoked on February 14, 2022.

The result of the vote in the House of Commons came out to be 185 to 151 to uphold Trudeau’s cabinet’s use of the act. 

However, one member of the Green Party MP Mike Morrice opposed the use of the Act, stating that he worried it could set a precedent for future protesters “such as Indigenous land defenders and climate activists, for example.”

In the email to Minister Mendicino, Green Party leader May subject the email “Sad to say our unwhipped caucus is divided. Hope you will not feel let down by this. Xo.”

According to Blacklock’s, May also emailed around about a false media allegation that the Russian government was involved in the Freedom Convoy protest, in that email she called the fake narrative “hair raising,”. 

May then also told the House of Commons at the time that “It seems to me that the convoy exposes white supremacists and racism in a well-organized, alt-right network that is fueled by social media, Facebook and Russian sites, not just here but also elsewhere,”.

Adding, “The problem is the Emergencies Act can only last 30 days. We are uncovering a cesspool that will take years to clean up.”

She also called the protest an “occupation”, claiming that the protest “caused millions of millions of dollars of damage to this city and its residents,”.

She then went as far as to call hoking horns “torture” and called Freedom Convoy protesters “occupiers”.

“Honking horns all night actually qualifies under the Geneva Convention as torture. One is not allowed to do that to prisoners. The people of Ottawa have been imprisoned by occupiers.”

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