Group of Quebec entrepreneurs files lawsuit to nullify the govt’s excessive lockdown measures

On December 21st, the group Entrepreneurs en Action (EAQ, entrepreneurs in action) filed a lawsuit seeking to nullify the health emergency decrees in Quebec.

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The lawsuit also seeks to “declare that the current measures are unconstitutional, as a whole or alternatively, taken individually”. 

Benoit Girouard, a spokesman for the group said: “Since last March, Quebecers have suffered, to varying degrees, attacks on their physical and mental health, not from a virus but from political decisions. The infringements also affect several fundamental rights guaranteed by our Charters,”.

[…] “If we are turning to the courts, it is to reestablish a real notion of public health in Quebec. We cannot harm others, especially between generations, in order to correct the shortcomings of our health care system.  I will be satisfied only when Quebec has a group of experts capable of managing pandemics with measures and a collective vision of the health of Quebecers”, Girouard added.    

The EAQ represents now over 2,000 small and medium enterprises and was established in less than two months. 

Samuel Grenier, another spokesman for the EAQ said: “The comments of Dr. Arruda [Quebec’s public health director] in recent weeks, confirm that Prime Minister François  Legault, by imposing the closure of companies that were not targeted by the Director of Public Health,  has turned himself into a health expert which he is not”.

“International experts, particularly in public health, virology, and economics,  have completed an expert report which has been filed in support of the legal arguments presented in the lawsuit prepared by the plaintiffs’ lawyers Jean-Félix Racicot and Mr. Guylaine  Lacerte”, the EAQ’s press release can read. 

Entrepreneurs who wish to join the suit as co-applicants can still do so by contacting the group at

Quebec has been under one of the strictest lockdowns since October, with restaurants closed and families unable to reunite until at least mid-January, and possibly later. 

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