Half of Canadians have seen their opinion of PM Trudeau worsen since WE scandal

A new Leger poll has found that 49% of Canadians have seen their opinion of PM Trudeau worsen since the WE scandal has unfolded.


The WE scandal has been shaking up Canadian politics since June now (read our complete chronology here) with new developments coming through nearly every day, involving massive payouts from the WE organization to members of the Trudeau family.

Leger Survey

Bill Morneau, the liberal’s Finance minister is also involved in the WE debacle. On July 10, it was revealed that two of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s daughters are working for the charity, one in a paid contract position and the other as an unpaid volunteer so Morneau had not recused himself from the cabinet decision for the contract.

Unsurprisingly, these apparent conflicts of interests have taken a toll on public opinion. Nearly half of Canadians said their opinion of PM Trudeau worsened throughout the WE affair.

After all, this may well be the third ethics violation that Trudeau is found guilty of. Canadians still remember the Aga Khan scandal and the Jody-Wilson Raybould SNC-Lavalin debacle.

California has the “three strike laws” in which criminals who commit three felonies are jailed for 25 years, regardless of the severity of their third offense. The idea here is that an individual who commits two felonies and gets caught both times only to do it a third time is indeed hard to rehabilitate.

Could this Trudeau’s third strike?  Will Canadians vote him out when the opportunity presents itself?

With a minority government weakened by scandals, the Liberals find themselves in a vulnerable position, and as more comes out on the extent of WE’s ties to the liberals, more Canadians might find their opinion of the Prime Minister worsening for the foreseeable future.

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