Heavily locked-down province of Quebec accounts for 56% of insolvencies in Canada last year

Preliminary data about business insolvencies shows that the heavily locked down province of Quebec accounted for 56% of all Canadian bankruptcies and consumer proposals for the 12 month period ending 01-31-2021.

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Ontario came second, accounting for 28% of all Canadian business bankruptcies in 2020. 

Provincial MNA Monsef Derraji, the Official Opposition Critic for SMEs and Innovation

and Labour and Employment, holds two Master’s degrees, one in science and technology and one in business administration. 

Derraji is currently completing his Doctorate in public health and has been critical of Quebec’s premier and his handling of the COVID pandemic. 

“François Legault’s government is first in Canada. Do we really want to be first in this category?”, Derraji wrote about the concerning bankruptcy data. 

Quebec has arguably been the most locked-down province in Quebec. Restaurants and gyms have been closed for nearly six months after briefly reopening in the summer. For many small businesses, it has been almost a full year being forcibly closed. 

The province is also the only province with a mandatory curfew starting at 8 PM. 

Quebec’s premier repeatedly bragged about going above and beyond the public’s health science-based recommendations and closing more businesses than recommended

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