Heinz to start producing ketchup in Canada again

The famous ketchup company Heinz will be coming back to Canada to produce its ketchup in Montreal, Quebec with help from the Quebec Government. The Quebec Government will be providing approximately $67,000 per job created by the Heinz Company.

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In 2014, the company closed down its Leamington, Ontario processing facility which led to a consumer boycott of the product as it was no longer made in Canada.

Heinz recently announced that they will be back to producing its ketchup product at a Mont Royal facility in Montreal, Quebec. The company will produce 45 million kilograms of ketchup annually at the facility and create 30 new jobs. 

The government of Quebec will help in financing the new facility with a $2 million forgivable loan, which is part of the government’s business expansion program. The company will make a $17 million investment in the Montreal facility.

A ‘forgivable loan’ is a loan granted by the government which will be forgiven if certain conditions are met by the borrower. 

Given that the Heinz company said they will create 30 new jobs from this $2 million forgivable loan, that means each job will cost the taxpayer approximately $67,000, if the conditions of the loan are met by the Heinz company.

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