House of Commons committee sheds light on how WE Charity allegedly misled donors

The WE Charity scandal shook politics in the summer of 2020, revealing deep ties between the Trudeau government and the organization, raising questions left unanswered about the relationship between the Liberal government and the questionable charity.

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The newest development in this story came after Reed Cowan, a television journalist based in the U.S. testified before a House of Commons committee.

Reed believes he mobilized millions of dollars for WE Charity but was left deceived after learning the charity ‘misled’ donors by promising sponsorship of the same school in Kenya to different donor groups without their knowledge.

Reed is a former member of WE Charity’s Kenyan advisory board. He is the first independent donor to testify in the House of Commons before a parliamentary committee since last summer’s scandal.

On June 25, the Trudeau government announced their Canada Student Volunteer Grant program. The $900-million program was set to be managed by the WE organization.

It became apparent that the Trudeau family entertained deep ties with the WE Organization. The charity had generously paid Justin Trudeau’s family on numerous occasions for speeches and events. The liberal government had called the WE Charity only five days before handing them the contract.

Following the revelations, the liberal government destroyed legally ordered WE Charity documents.

Justin Trudeau then prorogued parliament, effectively putting an end to all committees and legislative activities as they were digging further into the scandal.

Reed’s testimony reveals dubious practices by the organization in Kenya. Reed said WE Charity promised the same school or water infrastructure project to various donors. Each donor believed they were funding the entirety of the project.

The charity held opening celebrations at the same school for different donors without the donors being aware of this fact.

WE Charity would then allegedly swap the sponsorship plaques on Kenya schools once the donors had departed.

The Trudeau government, in its attribution of the $900m grant program to WE Charity, likely either performed very little due diligence or decided to give the organization the contract for other reasons despite the charity’s well-known dubious practices.

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