In France, citizens without a domestic “vaccine passport” may face up to six months and jail and a €10,000 fine

French citizens who are unable to present a valid domestic “vaccine passport” when attending everyday activities may face up to six months in prison and a €10,000 fine, approximately $15,000 CAD or $12,000 USD.

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On July 13th, France’s President Emmanuel Macron announced that starting July 21st, a vaccine passport would be required to partake in any non-essential activity with over 50 people (theatres, concert halls, festivals, etc.)

The measure will apply to every individual aged 12 years and older and starting mid-August, the vaccine passport will be required for any clients and employees of cafes, bars, restaurants. The vaccine passport will also be required to take the train or board a plane.

Shopping malls, retirement homes and “socio-medical” establishments will also require a vaccine passport. 

According to the current draft of the law, any individual unable to present a valid “vaccine passport” while attending these activities may be jailed for six months and fined €10,000.

Storeowners who welcome unvaccinated clients may face up to a year in jail and a €45,000 fine ($53,000 USD or $68,000 CAD).

The day following the announcement of the vaccine passport, protestors took to the streets in dozens of French cities. 

Last weekend,  protests erupted in over 129 municipalities against the Macron government’s vaccine passport. 

While vaccination will be mandatory for healthcare workers and firefighters, the police will be exempt from the vaccine passport.

In September 2021, the government will launch its third dose “booster” shot campaign, targeted mostly at vulnerable citizens and elders. 

The French government will also launch a vaccination campaign in high schools, colleges and universities. 

Starting September 15, police checks will be implemented on health care workers who will face mandatory vaccination. Sanctions will be taken against those still unvaccinated. 

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