Inflation hits Christmas meals by costing 16.4% more this year

According to Datasembly, the average holiday dinner grocery basket will cost individuals 16.4% more than last year.

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The estimated cost of an average holiday dinner grocery basket is $60.29, which is 16.4% higher than last year’s basket.

The analysis looked at 13 products including stuffing mix, corn, green beans, frozen apple pie, whipped topping, butter, cranberry sauce, bone-in spiral-cut ham, egg nog, homestyle biscuits, russet potatoes, white frozen young turkey and homestyle roasted turkey gravy.

Datasembly looked at the year-over-year price differences of the 13 products across several different retailers including Albertsons, Kroger, Target and Walmart.

Datasembly found that all of the products increased in price but that biscuits had the highest price increase year-over-year, rising 47.7%.

Additionally, butter rose by 38% and russet potatoes rose by 32.6%. In contrast, the frozen whole turkey saw the smallest increase of 6.3%.

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