‘Inhumane’: Ontario to require proof of vaccination to attend funerals 

Ontario announced its domestic vaccine passport and included a provision that will prohibit non-vaccinated individuals from attending funerals. 


Only weeks ago, Ontario’s premier Doug Ford rejected the idea of a domestic vaccine passport, saying such a measure would “create a split society”.

Now Ontario’s progressive conservative government has changed its tune: the Ford government announced that proof of vaccination will be required to access bars, restaurants, nightclubs and indoor sporting activities. 

The requirement will be effective as of September 22nd, and by October 22nd, the government will provide a digital vaccine passport. 

Starting September 22nd, grieving family members will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to attend a funeral or visit a crematorium. 

But as of October 22nd, the government will not accept negative tests. Non-vaccinated individuals will be refused access to funeral services. 

Vaccine passports have come under fire by ethicists and experts, citing concerns that dividing society will only lead to increased private gatherings among non-vaccinated individuals. 

With the high vaccination rates achieved in most Canadian provinces, non-vaccinated individuals are generally not considered to be a concern. 

Experts have pointed out that vaccine passports are more of a coercive measure or a punishment rather than a scientific measure taken to limit serious COVID outcomes. 

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