Jack Dorsey says the Twitter board has “consistently been the dysfunction of the company”

On April 16, in a series of tweets the co-founder and board member of Twitter Inc. said that the Twitter board has “consistently been the dysfunction of the company”.

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It began as a reply in a Twitter thread to a user discussing “good boards” for companies in Silicon Valley.

Jack Dorsey responded “big facts” to the comment: “What I do know for sure is that this old Silicon Valley proverb is grounded in age-old wisdom that still applies today: Good boards don’t create good companies, but a bad board will kill a company every time.”

Another user responded to Jack Dorsey’s “big facts” reply stating:

“If look into the history of Twitter board, it’s intriguing as I was a witness on its early beginnings, mired in plots and coups, and particularly amongst Twitter’s founding members. I wish if it could be made into a Hollywood thriller one day.”

Dorsey then responded that the Twitter board has “it’s consistently been the dysfunction of the company”.

When a user asked “Are you allowed to say this?”, Dorsey responded “no”.

In another cryptic tweet from the founder, he tweeted out the Radiohead song “Karma Police”.

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