Jean Charest to end political career after landslide CPC leadership defeat 

Jean Charest has announced he will be ending his political career after a failed federal Conservative leadership bid. 

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“Thank you”, Charest wrote on his Twitter along with a 6-minute video announcing his return in the private sector.

Charest published the video one day after being defeated by Pierre Poilievre in the Conservative Party leadership campaign. 

Pro-freedom candidate Pierre Poilievre won the race with over 68% of the party member’s votes. 

Charest only obtained 16.07% of the vote despite being favored by many Quebec Conservative Members of Parliament and media figures. 

Party members say Charest’s campaign strategy was poorly chosen, with multiple attacks against Poilievre for supporting the peaceful convoy protest in Ottawa.

Charest’s choice of campaign co-chair also generated controversy. Charest’s campaign co-chair, Tasha Kheiriddin, attacked individuals who chose not to get vaccinated against COVID, saying they should be “deterred from harming others”.

“I will continue to be a member of the party and I’ll continue to fight for the ideas I put forward during this leadership race,” Charest said in his video.

“Now is the time for us to prepare for the next election campaign and unite behind the new leader”, he added.

Charest announced he will be going back to the private sector where he practiced law before entering the Conservative Party leadership race. 

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