Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel on the woke movement, a “denial of reality”

The following interview was conducted by Simon Leduc with Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel, a French Canadian essayist, journalist and columnist.

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WT: What are the origins of the woke movement?

JBG: The woke movement has its roots in the Marxist left. We recognize several Marxist traits in its universe: for example, the passage from class struggle to race struggle, and the transformation of women into a kind of new global proletariat that must free itself from male employers. The idea of a fight against a hegemonic power is very present.

However, the wokes move away from Marxism and the original left by denying the universal character of a humanity that is systematically divided into various segments to lock them in a watertight category. There is no longer a humanity to advance, but Afro-descendants against “whites”, colonized against colonialists, women against men and ugly against beautiful. This current advocates a symbolic segregation of public space: the groups it believes to be oppressed should evolve in “safe spaces” on the other side of society.

WT: How would you define this ideology?

JBG: The woke ideology makes diversity in all its forms an absolute ideal. Diversity becomes a dogma, a cult bordering on religion. In fact, the word woke comes from the verb “to wake” in English, which means “to wake up” or “to awaken”. The woke are therefore “awake”, while the others are “asleep”. Like little social Buddhas, their fight seems almost like a spiritual challenge, which fits well with the esoteric zeitgeist. For these social warriors, everything should be diverse, multi and poly-something: it is a struggle against the unity of societies, and even of the human race, especially when it comes to ethnic origins.

Wokism is based on a denial of reality: the sexes would no longer exist, nor would cultures and nations. What would exist would only be races at war with each other, everywhere and all the time, and troubled individuals at war with their gender. Wokes are also distinguished by their great psychological fragility: everything is potentially an attack on the integrity of their sensitive little person.

The greatest paradox of this current is to advocate at the same time a racial hyper essentialism and a complete splitting of any sexual identity through the trans ideology. It is an incredible contradiction. On the one hand, so-called racialized people and their pseudo-opponents, the “whites,” are confined to their racial identity, but on the other hand, people are invited to transcend their gender, which is said to be “assigned at birth” by malevolent and reactionary doctors. You are imprisoned in your ethnicity, but forced to “free” yourself from your gender prison.

WT: Does this movement have any influence on the political landscape in Quebec and Canada?

JBG: Of course. The woke movement is becoming more and more influential in the Quebec and Canadian political landscape. We see it among many politicians of the “left”, but also more and more among elected officials belonging to more right-wing parties. We see it on public television, where many hosts and journalists are totally unabashedly militant. We see it, of course, in Justin Trudeau, whose ostentatious progressivism is now internationally recognized.

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