Justice Minister says mask mandates will likely return to Germany

In a recent interview, Germany’s Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said that the country will soon reimplement mask mandates in indoor settings, but he stated ‘Chinese conditions’ like lockdowns and school closures will not return.

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In an interview with the German newspaper Morgen Post, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said he wants to prevent drastic covid measures from coming back to the country. 

Minister Buschmann said ‘there will be no more lockdowns, school closures, and no curfews.’ Adding that those sorts of measures would be ‘inappropriate tools’ in the third year of the pandemic.

“Based on today’s knowledge – and only that we can work with – we agree that lockdowns, school closures and curfews would be disproportionate tools. We are getting closer to Chinese conditions if we carelessly lock people up at home or bring public life to a standstill.” Buschmann said in the interview.

Adding that an evaluation report of those measures “pointed to the high mental and socio-psychological effects – not to mention the consequences for the education of young people. I consider this to be unacceptable. A millstone was put around the neck of a whole generation of pupils and students.”

Buschmann stated that measures “will present a good protection concept that protects fundamental rights but is also effective.“

Adding that three things will be taken into account for how the coalition government in Germany will deal with measures, “First: We will create clear and understandable rules. Second: The measures are proven to help. And thirdly: the rules protect fundamental rights, i.e. they are proportionate.”

However, Minister Buschmann did say that mask-wearing and mask mandates will be reimplemented ahead of the fall and winter seasons to combat ‘what awaits us’. 

Adding that “The effectiveness of masks for individuals indoors is undisputed,” and “That is why some form of wearing masks indoors will certainly play a role in our concept. We are already working with mask requirements in local public transport.”

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