Justin Trudeau confirms vaccine certification system is coming, fails to condemn Cuban regime’s suppression of protestors

In a bizarre press conference, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that Canada will create a vaccine certification system for international travel, and failed to condemn the Cuban regime’s suppression of protestors.

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In a bizarre press conference which Justin Trudeau attended remotely, the prime minister announced the federal government would create a vaccine certification system for international travel.

“Some provinces have started to move towards vaccine passports, others don’t want to use them but is there not a place for a federal vaccine passport that is standardized so that provinces or businesses or any event that may want to use them has a standard, known system to use voluntarily?”, a reporter asked Trudeau.

“The provinces will be making determinations, […] different provinces will be doing different things. Where the federal government has a role to play and where we are looking is for a vaccine certification for international travel. Certainly, the federal government will be working with provinces to ensure that there is an international proof of vaccination that will allow Canadians to travel freely in the coming years”, the prime minister replied.  

Trudeau confirmed that vaccine certifications for domestic use, a highly controversial idea which the Quebec provincial government has embraced, will be at the discretion of the provinces. 

Where the federal government will come in, according to Trudeau, is in providing a vaccine certification to be used for international travel or border control. 

Trudeau was also asked about the ongoing protests in Cuba and the actions taken by the government to squash the unrest. 

“Cuba has made mass arrests and appears to have shut down the internet after people took to the streets in unprecedented numbers to denounce the government. Will Canada condemn the communist regime’s repression of dissent?”, a reporter asked. 

“Canada has always stood in friendship with the Cuban people. We have always called for greater freedoms and more defence of human rights in Cuba, and we will continue to be there to support Cubans in their desire for greater peace, greater stability, and a greater voice in how things are going”, Trudeau said. 

The prime minister refused to condemn the Cuban regime’s shutdown of the internet and its repression of protestors seeking freedom from the communist stranglehold. 

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