Justin Trudeau says Canada will fund a new tool to help online platforms identify and counter “violent extremism” and hate

On Tuesday, September 20, Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will fund a new tool to help small and medium-sized online platforms identify and counter “terrorism and violent extremism”.

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In the tweet, Justin Trudeau said “We need to confront the rise of hate and violent extremism.”

Adding that a way Canada will do this is by funding “a new tool that helps small and medium-size online platforms better identify and counter content related to terrorism and violent extremism.”

Trudeau then directed people to read more about what the Canadian government is doing to “combat online terrorist and violent extremist content” online.

The page says that the government is going to invest $1.9 million dollars to “online terrorist and violent extremist content”.

“With information so easy to access, the Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that social media and other online platforms are not used as tools to incite, publish and promote terrorism, violence, and hatred.”

The Government of Canada page says that while at the Christchurch Call 2022 Leaders’ Summit, Justin Trudeau announced that Canada “will commit up to $1.9 million in funding over three years to Tech Against Terrorism for Phase 2 of their Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP), a secure online tool that automates the detection, notification, and analysis of verified terrorist content.”

The funds would be then made available through the  Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence’s Community Resilience Fund (CRF), “which supports partnerships and innovation in countering radicalization to violence in Canada.”

The Canadian Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino said that ““Terrorist and extremist views and content do not belong anywhere online where they can influence others and incite violence.”

“The Government of Canada is investing in real tools that can make the Internet a safer place for Canada, Canadians and the world,” Mendicino added.

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