Justin Trudeau says he “stands with” protesters in China protesting against restrictions, months after invoking the Emergencies Act in Canada to quell protests against COVID restrictions

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, Justin Trudeau spoke to reporters to lend his support to protesters in China who are protesting their government's COVID-19 policies.

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Justin Trudeau said that Canada stands “with people who are expressing themselves.” just months after invoking the controversial Emergencies Act to quell protests in Canada against his government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

He also told reporters that “Everyone in China should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to share their perspectives, and indeed protest. We’re going to continue to ensure that China knows we will stand for human rights and we’ll stand with people who are expressing themselves.”

Videos and images out of China show a population rising up against draconian COVID-19 restrictions due to China’s “zero-COVID” policy. 

Users online pointed to the hypocrisy of Trudeau coming out in support of people protesting the Chinese government’sCOVID-19 restrictions and showed parallels to what happened at protests in Canada against restrictions. 

Justin Trudeau’s comments come just days after having to testify about his use of the Emergencies Act to end the Trucker Freedom Convoy protest that was protesting his government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

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