Justin Trudeau’s disapproval rate remains above 50% since 2021

The Angus Reid Institute Trudeau Tracker shows that Justin Trudeau’s disapproval rating has remained above 50% since February 2021.

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The tracker from Angus Reid Institute has remained above 50% since February 2021, with it only being below 50% between November 2020 and January 2021 in recent years.

For September 2022, the disapproval rate sits at 56%.

Justin Trudeau’s highest disapproval rate by Angus Reid Institute was in March 2019 at 65% disapproval. The second highest was 64% in February 2020.

When it comes to the breakdown of his approval/disapproval in age and gender, Trudeau remains the most popular among females and people over the age of 55.

Currently, Trudeau’s approval is 47% among females and 32% among men. While his approval stands at 42% among those over the age of 55.

However, in both of those groups, he has been losing popularity since May 2020.

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