Liberal Minister Catherine McKenna announces she will not run for office again

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna, previously the Minister of Environment, announced she will not seek re-election.

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An important member of the Liberal government, Catherine McKenna, will announce on Monday that she will not seek re-election. 

McKenna was elected in 2015 and served as the Minister of Environment and Climate Change as well as the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

McKenna was the subject of numerous controversies during her time in government. In February 2021, McKenna condemned Islamophobia only two days after she abstained from voting a motion to recognize the genocide of China’s Muslim minority.

A federal audit in 2020 found breaches in the Treasury Board contracting policy by Catherine McKenna’s Department of Environment.

In 2021, another report found numerous inconsistencies and incomplete information when auditing the $187.8 billion 12-year ‘Investing in Canada Plan’ by McKenna’s minister. 

Footage released in late 2020 dating back to 1995 also showed McKenna bribing officers of the law in Indonesia to attend violent cockfights. The footage also shows her eating dog meat and attending arranged marriages. 

Her speech, set to be delivered on Monday, was obtained by The Canadian Press. 

“Like many Canadians, living through COVID-19 over a very long year, made me step back and reflect on what matters to me most. And it’s two things: my kids and climate change”, McKenna wrote. 

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