Liberal Senator says they will keep raising the Carbon Tax until they reach their targets

Marc Gold, a Senator appointed by Justin Trudeau in 2016 from Quebec has said that the liberal government would keep increasing the carbon tax until the government’s emissions target is met.

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Marc Gold is the Trudeau cabinet’s representative in the Senate. 

“Yes, there is an increase in the price on pollution […] . It’s a serious one, and this price will increase regularly until we reach our targets. It’s the most efficient way, the most effective way to fight climate change”, Gold said. 

Passed in 2018, the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act established a 12-cent per litre tax cap. Gold had previously promised that the 12-cent tax per litre on gasoline would not be raised by the liberal government, Blacklocks reported. 

With the Trudeau government’s recent announcement of a massive carbon tax hike, the tax per litre is expected to go from 12 cents per litre currently to 40 cents per litre in 2030, a nearly two and a half times increase. 

“This plan has the support of experts in the field, and economists”, Gold said inaccurately. 

Studies have time and time again shown that a carbon tax is not effective at reducing emissions and disproportionately hurts lower-income households

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