Liberals vote late at night to prevent disclosure of Freedom Convoy documents 

Liberal MPs voted late at night on Thursday to prevent the disclosure of documents related to the Freedom Convoy.

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The Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emergency voted 6-5 late on Thursday night to prevent the disclosure of documents related to the Freedom Convoy.

The liberal-majority Committee was set up to investigate whether prime minister Justin Trudeau was justified in declaring the Emergencies Act because of a peaceful protest in Ottawa.

Increasing evidence set forth before the commission suggests prime minister Trudeau did not have valid cause to invoke the drastic Emergencies Act, and that the crisis was largely amplified by the Liberals and legacy media personalities. 

On May 31, federal agencies and the Department of Public Safety were ordered to hand the committee “all security assessments and legal opinions which the government relied upon”. 

The documents provided to the committee were heavily censored and redacted. 

Bloc Quebecois MP Rheal Fortin proposed a motion that would require federal agencies to “provide the committee with unredacted versions of those documents”, which the Liberals opposed.

Trudeau and his liberal cabinet have vehemently opposed a rigorous and thorough investigation of his government’s use of the Emergencies Act, the legislative descendant of the War Measures Act. 

Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history on February 14 because truckers had peacefully gathered in the nation’s capital, requesting an end to the unjustified COVID-19 mandates.

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