Lincoln Project launches harassment campaign against Trump campaign lawyers

The Lincoln Project, which is a political action group of former-Republicans who are against the US President Trump and the current Republican party, has called for the targeted harassment of two attorneys working on the Trump campaign legal challenges in Pennsylvania.

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The group called on its followers to create Linkedin accounts to target the law firms that employ the individual lawyers working on the Trump Campaigns election legal actions. Also telling their followers to send screenshot proof of their targeted harassment.

One user responded on Twitter saying “Done. More to come.” suggesting that the user would be making more actions against the law firms and/or the lawyers.

The Lincoln Project also said they would be going after clients of the firms as well as the firms themselves. 

The Lincoln Project decided to target the law firms the lawyers worked at after the group’s original tweet identifying the two lawyers was pulled down from Twitter for violating “Twitter Rules”. 

When a user suggested they should “stop this” on the original tweet that Twitter took down, the group replied “no” with a heart emoji. 

The group justified targeted harassment against the two attorneys on Twitter saying, “Donald Trump’s encouragement of harrassment of American democracy is undemocratic, potentially dangerous, and counterproductive. Whatever you think of the Administration’s legal arguments, targeting the sanctity of our elections is immoral & ineffective.”

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