Longtime Liberal Bonnie Feigenbaum joins Conservative Party of Quebec as a candidate

Longtime provincial Liberal advocate Bonnie Feigenbaum ditches the Liberal Party and joins the Quebec Conservatives.

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Former Liberal and Hampstead Councilor ditches the provincial Liberal Party and joins the Quebec Conservative Party as a candidate in the D’Arcy McGee riding. 

Last week, the Conservative Party of Quebec presented its candidate in the D’Arcy McGee riding, a riding on the island of Montreal, considered to be a key riding for the Quebec anglophone community.

The provincial conservatives presented Bonnie Feigenbaum as their candidate. Feigenbaum is a former liberal, who renounced the provincial Liberal Party after it supported Bill 96, which would radically reduce services in English in the province of Quebec and bolster the controversial Bill 101. 

Bill 96 would also limit education in anglophone colleges for non-english students, and would force immigrants in the province to learn the French language within 6 months of their arrival in the province, otherwise they would lose access to public services in English. 

“We can’t trust the Liberals. They tell us one thing and then once they were in power, they go, ‘Sorry, got to do something else, you have to understand’”, Feigenbaum said. 

“That’s exactly the type of candidate that we needed to make sure that the anglophones also are part of our coalition, of our movement”, Conservative Party leader Eric Duhaime said.

The Conservative Party of Quebec went from polling less than 2% prior to 2020 to polling now up to 20% in the province of Quebec and up to 35% in the Quebec-city area.

The party received a boost from its newly elected leader, Eric Duhaime, a former radio-show host and journalist. 

The Party also built support against the Legault government’s authoritarian handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Feigenbaum is a marketing expert and lectures at McGill University and Concordia University. 

“Bilingual, highly skilled marketing and communications professional with 35 years working in sales, banking and teaching including 15 years of participation in politics and 40 years of community involvement. My value-added skills include; computer experience in Microsoft office, Survey Tools, and various statistical programs, budget planning and administration, and am an energetic and motivating presenter”, her LinkedIn profile reads.

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