Mainstream Quebec media pushes narrative that 75% vaccine coverage is not enough, now 90% needed

One of the largest mainstream media in Quebec, La Presse, is now pushing the narrative that vaccinating 75% of 12 years and older is not enough and it needs to be pushed to 90%.

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Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot, a journalist for La Presse and the author of the Book “Joe Biden in 50 quotes” wrote his vaccination editorial on July 21st. 

The Quebec government initially set its objective as vaccinating 75% of all individuals aged 12 and older. The objective was considered excessive by many experts.

In the United Kingdom, the government and scientists have recognized that vaccinating children and teenagers aged 12-18 is not necessary

According to Pouliot’s editorial, the 75% vaccine coverage “will not be nearly enough to return to a more normal life in the fall.”

“For this, there are not 56,000 solutions: approximately 90% of Quebecers aged 12 and over will have to be adequately vaccinated”, he added.

Pouliot uses the increased contagion of some COVID-19 variants as a way to prop up his argument but fails to remind his readership that the variants generally are not more dangerous for healthy and young individuals. 

The “journalist” warns his audience about a return to normalcy in September if vaccination rates are not yet at 90%: “From a health perspective, it’s risky.”

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