Majority of Americans say they’re paying more at the gas pump and expect prices to climb, poll finds

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that the majority of Americans are paying more today at the gas pump compared to six months ago and that they expect the price to continue to climb.


The poll found that 78% of the respondents say they are currently paying more for a gallon of gas today compared to what they were paying six months ago.

84% of respondents also believe it’s likely gas prices at the pump will continue to increase over the next six months.

Of that 84%, 64% believe it will be ‘Very Likely’ they’ll be paying more at the gas pump in six months than they currently are now.  

The poll was conducted between February 23-24 of 1,000 U.S. American adults.

The current average gas price in the U.S. stands at $3.728/gallon, according to AAA Gas Prices

The average gas price a year ago was $2.737/gallon, according to AAA Gas Prices

The current U.S. gas pump price is edging near the highest recorded average price of gas at $4.114 in 2008. 

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, believes that the national average gas price will hit $4/gallon by March 24.

Analysts believe that a major contributor to higher pump prices is due to Russian oil exports plunging due to financial and shipping sanctions. 

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