Majority of Quebecers support developing the province’s natural resources

Despite fierce opposition from political parties and mainstream media, Quebecers still support the idea of developing their province’s natural resources.

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A new poll conducted by the Montreal Economic Institute shows that a majority of Quebecers support the development of their province’s natural resources.

With the exception of the Conservative Party of Quebec which currently has no seat in the National Assembly, every political party in the province is openly against the exploitation of natural resources in Quebec. Mainstream media in the province has also made clear their fierce opposition against it. 

Despite the consensus among politicians and mainstream media, a new poll shows that a majority of Quebecers still support the exploitation of natural resources in their province. 

61% of respondents said they support developing natural gas locally, while 53% said they supported the Quebec LNG project, an export LNG facility canceled by the current government after pressure from left-wing groups.

Experts say the LNG facility could have played a key role in supporting Europe in the Ukraine-Russia conflict with ethical Canadian LNG exports. 
“Contrary to what the government says, Quebecers want the energy sector to develop […] Quebecers understand that the province can help to replace Russian energy exports to the European Union all while creating quality jobs here at home”, the MEI wrote in a press release.

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