Maker of store-brand baby formula says shortages are expected throughout the rest of 2022

In an interview with Reuters, Perrigo Company PLC CEO Murray Kessler said he expects shortages and increased demand for the product to last for the “balance of the year,”.

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Perrigo Company PLC is the maker of store-brand baby formulas for large retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

Kessler told Reuters that the manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Vermont are running above full capacity at 115% of full capacity.

Kessler also told Reuters that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested that the company produce four specific products, which are the store-brand versions of Similac Pro Sensitive and Pro Advance and Enfamil Gentle Ease and Infant.

During the interview, Kessler told Reuters that he expects the shortage issues to last for the “balance of the year,” but that the store-brand formula maker is working with retail giants to ensure that they “get something each week,”.

Currently across the United States, mothers are having great difficulty locating baby formula at local stores and online. 

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