Massive protests erupt across Europe as countries tighten restrictions

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest against new COVID restrictions. 

In London, thousands gathered in front of the parliament to protest against the vaccine passports and new restrictions. 

An aerial view of the protests shows a massive crowd spanning over a large distance. 

Protestors chanted “Freedom” as they marched towards the parliament. 

Tensions increased in London as the police could hardly contain the crowd. Police forces became aggressive and scuffles erupted. 

In France, a massive protest erupted against the mandatory health pass and increased restrictions announced by the Macron government. 

In Vienna, Austria, thousands also took to the streets to protest against COVID-19 restrictions.

Yesterday, in Melbourne, Australia, a large protest also took place against vaccine mandates and restrictions. 

Countries around the world have been adding new restrictions to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant. New data shows that the COVID-19 vaccines are not very effective against the variant.

However, Omicron appears to be much milder than the Delta variant. In the epicentre of the Omicron epidemic in South Africa, hospitalizations actually decreased following a surge in Omicron cases. 

Governments have largely decided to ignore the mildness of Omicron, often compared to a cold or the seasonal flu, and to instead focus on rapidly increasing case counts to justify new restrictions and further vaccinated vs. unvaccinated discrimination. 

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