McGill University students create “blacklists” for students who broke the Quebec government Public Health decree

In a large student group on Facebook, admins and moderators are creating “lists” of fellow students that broke the Quebec government COVID-19 Public Health decree and have asked other students to send the group admins names to add.

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The purpose of the group is for polls to be posted, and students reply with their responses to said polls.

However, in recent days the group has turned their attention more towards McGill students who have engaged in activities in local parks that go against the current public health decree set for red zones in Quebec.

On Thursday, April 8, the Government of Quebec introduced new public health guidelines making mask-wearing mandatory outside for group activities in red and orange zones. 

Red zones in Quebec are also going under a mandatory 8 p.m. curfew starting today, April 11.

The McGill University students discuss using their compiled list of student names to “blacklist them from all McGill events” in the future when school resumes in-person. 

The students in the group also discuss calling the police to “permanently patrol” the rule-breakers activities and “publicly name and shame” them. 

Some students are advocating for the rule-breakers to face be “banned” from ever pursuing career paths in the medical field.

Others in the group are making comments about “bear-spraying” the rule-breakers gathering in the Montreal parks and make a LinkedIn in order to expose the rule-breakers to their network and potential employers.

Individuals in the Facebook group have included student’s first and last names who attended the large gatherings in the Montreal parks.

McGill University media relations could not be reached for comment.

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