Media “banned” from talking to citizens in line at passport offices by Canadian authorities while the country has seen long lineups for passport renewals

On Wednesday, June 22, a journalist for TVA Nouvelles was told to leave the grounds outside of a passport office in Montreal, Quebec while trying to conduct interviews with Canadians who had been waiting overnight for the chance to get their passport renewed in order to travel.

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The journalist with TVA Nouvelles captured part of the incident on camera where the officers claimed journalists are not allowed, by regulations, to be on federal premises without prior authorization.

The officers said that if journalists want to speak with individuals who spent the night waiting in line for the chance to get their passport renewed that those individuals would have to leave the line and premises to be part of an interview. 

Some of the individuals who waited in line to renew their passports waited for over 40 hours to be seen.

People in line have said they feel like they are being treated like “cattle”.

Videos from inside, show people bringing camping chairs to wait in the long line.

La Presse reported that during the pandemic, citizens were unable to renew their passport unless they had a plane ticket or some form of proof that they were leaving, otherwise they were unable to obtain an appointment. 

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