Member of Canadian parliament caught urinating on camera in virtual Parliament session, weeks after being caught naked in similar incident

Liberal MP for Pontiac, Quebec, William Amos was caught urinating on camera during a virtual parliamentary session, only weeks after he was also caught full-body naked on camera during another virtual parliamentary session.

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Amos posted an apology on his Twitter profile on Thursday night, writing: “I urinated without realizing I was on camera”.

Amos added that he was “deeply embarrassed” by his actions and that he would step aside temporarily from his role as Parliamentary Secretary and from committee duties so that he could “seek assistance”. 

The circumstances of the incident are still unclear.

Amos made headlines a few weeks ago when he appeared fully naked during a virtual parliamentary session, seemingly unaware that he was on camera. 

Amos said he was coming back from a run and changing clothing, and that he was unaware the camera was on. 

William Amos has served as the MP for the Pontiac riding in Quebec since 2015. 

As of yesterday, Amos was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and a member of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs. It is unclear which duties Amos will keep after this incident. 

Before becoming a federal MP, Amos was a lawyer for Ecojustice Canada.

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