Michelle Rempel announces she will not be running for leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta

Federal MP Michelle Rempel Garner announced through a Substack post that she would no longer be seeking a bid to become the leader of the United Conservative Party of Alberta.

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In the post, Rempel says she has a “strong track record of fighting for the province.” and that she has “a solid track record of being on the right side of issues that have previously caused trust issues for other conservatives – like protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, reproductive health, and addressing racism.”

She then went on to list why she has “the chops to be able to serve the public in this role.”

“The campaign logistics are in place. I’m a proven fundraiser and have had many people offer to support that aspect of my campaign. I have a proven team of organizers and volunteers. I’ve engaged with thousands of Albertans who have signaled that they want to support me – so signatures, membership prospects and overall support look great. Polls are showing me out at the front of the pack. The rules set out a preferential ballot system that wouldn’t work against me. I have a big social media presence that’s necessary to reach people.”

However, Rempel says as she was doing her “final preparation to launch my campaign yesterday,” she realized she “had serious concerns about one big issue.”

That big issue was the “significant level of hurt and uncertainty in the UCP caucus team.”

She went on to discuss the negatives of politics, “But in both parties there have also been squabbles that have erupted in the pages of national media, public meltdowns, nearly missed physical fights, coups, smear jobs, leaked recordings and confidential emails, lack of consensus on critical issues, caucus turfings, people harassed to the point where they resign roles, and hours long meetings where members have been subjected to hours of public castigation.”

Continuing, “There have been heated exchanges to get basic concerns addressed, unjustified insularity in decision making, shunnings, exclusionary cliques and more.”

She contended that “bluntly put, I’m concerned about what would happen if I stepped in as leader under the present internal UCP caucus dynamic, especially considering we would need to govern while preparing for a rapidly approaching general election.”

Rempel ended her post by extending her “best wishes to the field of UCP leadership candidates.”

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