Michigan AG implies Trump campaign lawsuits are racist

During a press call on November 11, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, accused President Trump and his campaign of pursuing racist lawsuits.

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AG Nessel said, “Really the themes that we see, that persist, are this: Black people are corrupt, Black people are incompetent and Black people can’t be trusted. That’s the narrative that is continually espoused by the Trump campaign and their allies in these lawsuits,”

She said this because the lawsuits focus on allegations of misconduct in a majority Black population city of Detroit. 

Her comments come after the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Western District in Michigan against Wayne County and the Michigan Secretary of State. The lawsuit includes more than 100 affidavits that allege wrongdoing in the counting of votes in Wayne County.

On the Trump campaign website, the campaign says the lawsuit cites “multiple witness accounts of irregularities, incompetence, and unlawful vote counting.”

“The suit relies on affidavits from witnesses who say they saw election officials counting ineligible ballots, counting batches of the same ballots multiple times, counting illegal late ballots and pre-dating them, accepting ballots deposited in drop boxes after the deadline, and duplicating ballots illegally.”

The campaign continues, “It also documents how defendant Wayne County used faulty ballot tabulators that miscounted votes for President Trump as votes for the Biden-Harris ticket.”

 The campaign’s legal team is seeking temporary prevention of the certification of the election result in the county to “ensure no unlawful ballots were cast”. 

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