Montreal ‘BLM’ destroys 125 year-old Macdonald statue while Police stands by and watch

A statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, was toppled today in Downtown Montreal by a group of defund the police protesters.

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The 125-year-old statue was erected in 1895 at Place du Canada in Montreal.

The police stood by during the protest and let the vandals topple the statue without any intervention.

Only once the statue was on the ground in pieces did the Montreal police intervene, asking protesters to clear the area. No arrest was made, and the protesters were all free to go on their way. 

The SPVM’s spokesperson, Jean-Pierre Brabant went on to say, “the protest in general went really well,” and that it was just “the mischief at Place du Canada that was a bit negative”.

In recent years, the statue has been the target of constant vandalism, but this is the first time it has been attacked in this way.

Watch the tear down of the statue here: 

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