Montreal Canadiens eliminate Winnipeg Jets in seventh win in a row, moving on to semifinals

In an unexpected turn of events, the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Winnipeg Jets 4-0 in last night’s game which ended 3-2 in overtime.

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Last night’s game was the seventh win in a row for the Montreal Canadiens. After nearly losing the series against the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1, the Canadiens bridged the gap and eliminated the Maple Leafs with three consecutive wins. 

Logan Stanley scored two goals for the Winnipeg Jets yesterday, allowing the game to go into overtime. A few minutes into the first (and only) OT period, Tyler Toffoli scored for the habs with a clean pass from Cole Caufield. 

The Montreal Canadiens will play against the Colorado Avalanches or the Vegas Golden Knights in the semifinals, depending on the winner of the Vegas-Colorado round. 

The Golden Knights vs. Avalanches series is tied 2-2. Both teams possess speed and talent that will pose a serious challenge to the Canadiens. 

Canadiens fans celebrated both inside the Bell Center and outside. While the crowd had a cheerful mood throughout most of the game, partisans set out firework and the Montreal Riot Police had to be called in. 

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