Most Americans believe some restrictions on abortion should apply as Democrats push for unrestricted abortion

New polling shows most Americans do not believe late-term abortion should be legal.

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New polling by YouGov/The Economist shows that only 25% of Americans believe there should be no restriction on abortion. 

The remaining 75% of respondents believe some form of restriction should apply. 

32% of respondents said some restrictions should apply, 29% said it should only be legal in special circumstances, and 14% said it should never be allowed.

When questioned about abortions and the length of a pregnancy, only 23% of respondents said abortions should never be banned. 12% of respondents said it should be banned after six months, 10% after 15 weeks, 13% after three months and 20% after six weeks (which coincides with the beginning of a fetal heartbeat). 

As a leaked draft opinion shows the Supreme Court is likely to invalidate Roe v. Wade, Democrats are pushing a futile legislative effort to invalidate state laws that restrict abortion. 

H.R. 3755, the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” would grant an absolute right to abortion for women until “fetal viability”, a point at which the fetus would survive outside the womb, usually very late in the pregnancy. 

Despite Senate Democrats pushing for the bill, their efforts are likely to yield little results as their majority in the senate is ice-thin, and Senator Susan Collins has said publicly that parts of the bill are too “extreme” for her. 

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