Natural Resource Minister confirms that the government will move ahead with “Just Transition” legislation on transitioning Canada to a “low-carbon economy.”

On July 20, 2021, the Liberal government first introduced the consultation process on the “Just Transition” plan to deal with workers hurt by the short-term energy transition that the Trudeau government is proposing.

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On January 3, 2023, the current Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson confirmed that the government is moving ahead with legislation based on the “Just Transition” plan. 

Speaking with CBC News, Wilkinson framed the proposed legislation as legislation that helps workers in the oil and gas sector move into green energy jobs, however, beyond that the government stated that “just Transition” is a piece of the puzzle to change the Canadian economy.

The government stated in July 2021 that “Just transition is an approach to economic, environmental and social policy that aims to create an equitable and prosperous future for workers and communities as the world builds a low-carbon economy.”

The lead statement from the document posted in July 2021, stated that “The future success of our economy hinges on our ability to compete in an increasingly green, low-carbon global economy. We want to work with partners to ensure a just transition for all Canadians and to be successful in transforming to a low-carbon future.”

In that document, the Canadian government said that the purpose of “Just Transition” is “to transform our economy” in order “to take advantage of new markets, new supply chains and new opportunities for economic growth and job creation.”

On January 3, 2023, Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said that he is working on the legislation with Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan and NDP MP Charlie Angus.

Charlie Angus also recently retweeted Andrew Coyne about “Trump’s Taxes Are the Best Case Yet for Putting Him in Prison”. 

Speaking with CBC News about the proposed legislation, Angus said “I think we started in very different places and very different understandings,”. 

Adding, “I’m hoping we move to a recognition of what needs to be on the table.”

CBC reports that the ‘Just Transition’ plan was “a condition of the confidence-and-supply deal, signed last year to keep Justin Trudeau’s minority government in power until 2025 in exchange for action on NDP policy priorities.”

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