Non-vaccinated Quebec nurses will have their licenses suspended on Oct. 15, Quebec Order of Nurses says

On Monday, October 11, 2021, the Quebec Order of Nurses (OIIQ) announced that it will be suspending the practice permits of its member if they are unvaccinated on Friday, October 15.

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Prior to this announcement from the Quebec Order of Nurses, practicing healthcare workers were under the impression that only their job was on the line for the October 15 deadline. Now with a four-day notice, they also have their practice permits on the line. 

This announcement comes three days after the Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé’s comments that all professional orders in the healthcare sector should suspend the licenses of their unvaccinated members by the October 15 deadline. 

On October 8, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said, “I think that people who thought they could go work elsewhere may be in for a surprise in the next few days.”

On October 9, Christian Dubé tweeted (translated):

“Message to the 15k unvaccinated health network employees: major service reorganization measures will be announced this week. 

We are maintaining the position of the SP on October 15 for the 330k employees. The only way to reduce the impact is to get vaccinated.”

After the announcement from the Quebec Order of Nurses today, Christian Dubé tweeted his response (translated):

“I welcome this decision of the @OIIQ. The signal is clear: it will not be possible to circumvent the mandatory vaccination in the health network on October 15.

I encourage all nurses who are not yet vaccinated to go and do so now. It is never too late.”

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