One of the world’s largest hedge funds just warned of potential “societal collapse” and “hyperinflation”

One of the world’s largest and most influential hedge funds has just warned the world could be on track to “societal collapse” and “hyperinflation”

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Elliott Management, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, was founded in 1977 and currently manages over 56 billion dollars in assets. 

In a letter to investors last week, the fund issued a grim warning about the course of the world. 

In the letter, it warns that “dishonest” policymakers have put the world on the path of “hyperinflation” and “societal collapse”.

An “extraordinary” set of circumstances such as cheap money coming to an end “[has] made possible a set of outcomes that would be at or beyond the boundaries of the entire post-WWII period”, the Financial Times reported. 

“Investors should not assume they have ‘seen everything’” because they have been through prior financial crises and crashes. 

The fund blamed much of these events on politicians who were “dishonest” about the causes of inflation and blamed the phenomena on supply chain woes rather than unprecedented money injections into the economy in the form of dubious, politically-motivated aid packages. 

The fund warned that the world is “on the path to hyperinflation”, which could lead to “global societal collapse and civil or international strife”.

The fund argued there are many “frightening and seriously negative possibilities”. 

The false premise that “‘we will not panic because we have seen this before’ does not comport with the current facts”, the letter argued.

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