Ontario Agriculture Minister criticizes Trudeau government plan to reduce fertilizer usage amidst global food crisis

Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson criticized the Trudeau government's plan to reduce fertilizer usage amidst an ongoing global food crisis.

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The Trudeau government released its A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy plan in December 2020, including a provision that seeks to reduce fertilizer emissions by 30% by 2030. 

Despite the ongoing global food crisis, the Trudeau government is maintaining its intention to reduce fertilizer emissions, which could severely hinder Canadian domestic food production. 

“As our farmers work to feed Canada and the world, we need to work with them and support their ongoing efforts to grow and produce the food we need”, Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson said at the annual meeting of the federal and provincial ministers. 

“The federal government needs to be true partners, rather than simply imposing targets that make it harder”, Thompson added.

“Our farmers are dealing with significant and complex issues right now […] I hope that the federal government will work with us and our farmers to support and recognize the great strides that they are making as responsible stewards”, Thompson said. 

“Ottawa needs to work with farmers and provinces to find an approach on fertilizer that will not negatively impact yields and food security. Our farmers are leaders in innovation and implementing new sustainable practices, including 4R Nutrient Stewardship, but they have repeatedly said that government needs to be a partner in these efforts”, she added.

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