OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Alberta to lift remaining COVID restrictions as province follows science-based approach

The province of Alberta will lift its few remaining COVID restrictions on August 16th.

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Starting August 16th, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will not be mandated to quarantine, although the province recommends they do so. 

Albertans experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, which are often close to those of a cold or the flu, will not be asked to get tested. The government does, however, recommend they stay home until the symptoms disappear. 

Individuals who have come into contact with COVID-19 cases will not be asked to quarantine unless they show symptoms, in which case isolation is recommended. 

While Alberta lifted its mandatory mask mandate on July 1st, the province will lift its remaining restriction on masks in public transit, rideshares or taxis. 

“We have to get used to the fact that cases no longer equal high levels of hospitalizations or fatalities. Our focus is on vaccines instead of restrictions as the most scientific response (to COVID)”, premier Kenney said. 

This scientific approach is based on the fact that over 75% of the province’s population has been immunized. With such important vaccine coverage, severe cases of COVID-19 are expected to remain low. 

While cases may surge, deaths and hospitalizations are not expected to increase substantially. 

A few dozen pro-lockdown protesters gathered in Edmonton on Saturday to express their discontent with the province’s new approach. 

While Alberta is moving ahead in its strategy to live with the virus, provinces such as Quebec and Ontario have no plan to remove their mask mandate and fully end the restrictions. 

In both Ontario and Quebec, cases have slightly surged in recent days. Hospitalizations and deaths are not expected to increase, but the mainstream media is stoking fears of a delta variant fourth wave, despite being a wave of cases only. 

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