Opinion | Biden kills thousands of quality jobs while Canadian mainstream journalists celebrate his inauguration

On Joe Biden’s first day in office, the incoming president cancelled Keystone XL and deeply insulted his Canadian neighbour, costing Canada thousands of quality jobs and much-needed income from the project.

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Yet despite the devastating punch, the Canadian mainstream media did not miss an opportunity to celebrate Joe Biden’s inauguration and the end of the Trump era. 

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa from True North Canada compiled some of the Canadian mainstream media personalities and their reactions to Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

Shannon Proudfoot, Ottawa Bureau Chief for Macleans celebrated the arrival of a president whose first move was to deal a devastating blow to Canadians: 

This CBC reporter Tweeted that she was “crying” during Biden’s inauguration. 

This columnist for the Toronto Star said Joe Biden was a “kind” man who “knew a lot about Canada”. 

Les Whittington, a Hill Times columnist tweeted that the inauguration was “a benediction”, and “amazing”. 

Very little of the mainstream media apparatus promptly described the Keystone cancellation as it is: a devastating blow to Canada’s weakened economy. Biden’s first move as president showed that he does not care about Canada’s prosperity and the U.S.-Canada relation. 

The climate pretext used to cancel the Keystone XL project is bogus, as KXL “benefits to progressives, including 10,000 American union construction jobs; steel pipe made in the U.S.;a $10 million Green Job Training Fund; $500 million for indigenous suppliers and jobs; and 100% renewable power to operate the pipeline.”

“The Obama State Department found five separate times that the pipeline would have no material impact on greenhouse gas emissions since crude would still be extracted. Shipping bitumen by rail or tanker would result in 28% to 42% higher CO2 emissions and more leaks. No matter. President Obama in 2015 rejected the permit as an oblation to the Paris Climate accords”, wrote the WSJ editorial board

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