Opinion | Big Tech, Wall Street and Billionaires are backing Biden but the left doesn’t seem to mind

The left has always claimed its staunch opposition to big money and Wall Street elites as a key point in their fight for equality and fairness, but this election is different. This time around, the left seems to take pride in the fact that Joe Biden, the ultimate establishment candidate, is raking in big money from powerful donors.

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Of course, that’s not entirely new. Hillary Clinton was also Wall Street’s preferred candidate. In 2016, the silicon valley “dweebs” donated 60 times more to Hillary Clinton than her rival Donald Trump. Yet they are spending even more this time around to get rid of Trump. 

Alphabet, the company behind the tech giant Google, has donated $1.9 million to Joe Biden’s presidential committee. Microsoft and Amazon contributed just under a million. 

This does not include individual donations from big tech executives. Kevin Scott, Microsoft’s Chief Technology officer contributed over $50,000 to Biden’s election effort. Microsoft’s President Brad Smith organized a fundraiser for Joe Biden. 

Forbes reported earlier in October that at least 67 billionaires had made donations larger than $100,000 to committees supporting Joe Biden’s reelection effort. The list includes Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and his wife ($1.4 million), Illinois governor J.B. Pritzer and his wife ($1.4 million), the cofounder of Netscape, and the list goes on. 

Perhaps the largest donation made to Joe Biden’s election campaign was the censorship by Twitter and Facebook of a damaging exposé about Joe Biden’s alleged corruption. 

On October 14, the New York Post released damaging emails from the hard drive of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. The emails confirm that Hunter received enormous sums of money for him to introduce an executive of the corrupt energy company Burisma to his father, Joe Biden, while he was vice-president. 

Shortly after, Joe Biden fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. The emails also reveal a $10 million deal with a Chinese firm with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party in which Joe Biden allegedly received a 10% equity stake. 

In a normal political era, these emails which have been identified by numerous parties would constitute a political bombshell. They would end Joe Biden’s career unequivocally and would likely warrant a criminal investigation. 

Yet in 2020, all the major institutions of power have chosen their side: they side with Joe Biden. Billionaires, Wall Street, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, none of these giants want Trump to win.

Yet somehow the left believes that the interests of big money align with middle-class and rural America? 

It does not. 

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