Opinion | Communist China and its possible overtaking of the United States, a dark prospect for the world

The four years of the Trump Administration were the catalyst for several unavoidable phenomena. One need only to think of the brutal break with the myth of happy globalization

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However, although the United States has always had isolationist cycles, the particularly hard and firm line towards communist China is evidence of a new paradigm at work.

Indeed, from an economic point of view, Communist China represents a gold mine for business deals. After all, isn’t money the sinews of war? Exchanges between powers provide mutual benefits and specific incentives. In the midst of a historic pandemic, the United States preferred to withdraw from the World Health Organization rather than deal with communist China.

Antitrumpists see this as an erratic and irrational gesture, supposedly reflecting the entire presidency. Yet, in retrospect, this shattering withdrawal seems more revealing than ever. If the trend continues, Communist China will become the world’s leading power, which in concrete terms means the downgrading of the West, let alone the American Empire. Unequivocally, the international chessboard will undergo a major transformation.

Communist China clearly represents an existential danger for the United States, especially on the military and technological levels. Its inescapable growth has absolutely nothing to be happy about for the future of our continent. The imperialist aims of Communist China will not diminish with time; on the contrary, its will to power will only become more effective.

Therefore, the hard line of the Trump administration must be seen as a kind of survival mechanism against Communist China and its insidious influence spreading throughout the world, including international organizations. Western nations will gradually have a fatal choice between patriotic resistance or compromise to Chinese hegemony. In time, this fateful choice will become inevitable.

Far from being an unthinking impulse, the Administration’s hard-line represents the choice of patriotic resistance in the face of Chinese power in action, notwithstanding the consequences that this implies. The colonization of Western lands by Communist China is not an obscure hypothesis but a tragic possibility that must be taken into account.

The naive multilateral idealism of Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden will eventually run up against the basic reality of a power struggle between irreconcilable regimes. Hopefully, it will not be too late by then.

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